SABATO 21 OTTOBRE 2017 / 23:59


Plants Army Revolver live, Giesse, SBS

Francis Inferno Orchestra is the conductor of a new type of ensemble – made up of rich
samples from disco’s back catalogue and an array of raw drum machine rhythms.
Coming at house music from down under, his productions join the dots between soul,
disco and the sample based music that inspired him as a teenager.
The Melbourne based DJ/Producer made the breakthrough to the international scene
with ease – and has kept heads spinning with a stream of seriously danceable releases
since 2010.
Presenting house and techno classics alongside rare oddities from beyond his years, FIO’s
DJ sets are a low-brow history lesson – respecting the past without being a slave to it. He
has grown to become a key figure of Melbourne’s always-growing underground dance
scene, being invited across the country and further abroad. 2014 saw the release of FIO’s
debut album A New Way of Living which was met with great reception and proved just
how much talent this unique young artist holds. The same year saw FIO launch
Superconscious Records with old friend Fantastic Man, this sits alongside FIO’s other
label BBW which has become a sought after series for the functional music supporters.